Top Cheap Smartphone Plans

Smart phones are something that millions of people depend on daily. However, some smart phones plans can get expensive. Some run as much as a hundred dollars for a single phone plan. If you are struggling financially, this can make it nearly impossible to have a smart phone. The good news is that there are reasonably priced smart phone plans available. If you are looking for one of the top cheap smartphone plans that are available, perhaps you should start your search here.

The Cheapest Smart Phone Plans

There are several prepaid providers that offer reasonably priced service. Pretty much all cell phone providers offer a smartphone service plan that is cheaper than having a contract with them. Verizon has a plan that is $45 dollars a month for a base amount of data usage. You can upgrade the data you get for mere dollars per month if you need it. To get the same service from their contract, you can expect to pay approximately $90 a month. If you can afford the phone you want, you can save money by avoiding the smartphone contract. Alltel and other phones work the same way.
You also have the choice of using providers such as Straight Talk where for as little as $45 a month plus tax you can have unlimited talk, text, and web usage for your smart phone. The only downside to this type of service is, if you live in an area that is covered by Verizon, you have to find a Straight Talk smart phone that will use Verizon towers. This could mean that you sacrifice the perfect cellphone to get great service at a cheap price.

How to Get Started with Discount Plans

In most cases, the cheapest plans include prepaid phone plans that do not have a contract attached to them. The downside to this option is that you will typically have to pay for the phone that you want whereas a contract phone will usually come with a discounted purchase price. Typically, to get started with a prepaid service plan you will have to initially invest in a phone, the first month’s service fee, and activation fee. This may be a little worrisome for some people, but in the long run, you will still save money.
A smartphone allows you to do a variety of things while you are on the go and not near your computer. If you are looking for top cheap smartphone plans, you will have to consider what works best in your area and then find the plan that meets your specific needs. Do not worry. There is a plan that will work for you and everyone else in your family. You simply have to explore your options.